Lamp Wire

Wires are strips or lines made from materials that conduct electrical currents. They are used to carry electrical power to appliances or to send electrical signals between or within devices. Most wires are insulated with either plastic or rubber-derived products. On electric lamps wires carry power to sockets. Within fixtures wires usually run from a central box to the sockets by passing through arms, columns, or other piping.

Electrical Wire

To meet the needs of contractors and homeowners who are involved in remodeling or repair projects, we offer conductor wires on reels, including heavy plastic, plastic parallel, vacuum cleaner, pulley, rayon parallel, and thin transparent cords that come in varying gauges. We also carry single plastic fixture and single rayon fixture wire in addition to uninsulated braided copper ground wire.

For the added convenience of our customers we stock cord sets, including SPT-1 and SPT-2 sets as well as those that come with snap-in pigtail and clip-in sockets. To complement our wire and cord supplies, we also stock bras, chrome, and white Hide-A-Cord covers and other lamp parts to cover all your needs.