Swivels allow lamps and light fixtures to be redirected without having to be repositioned within a room. Generally attached to either the base of a lamp or above the canopy of a fixture, swivels are essentially lighting parts that are made from two interconnected pieces that can rotate independently of each other. One end of the swivel is usually attached to whatever parts of the lamp or fixture that are anchored to a wall, ceiling, or desk while the other is connected to the light source. Because the two ends can move along separate axis, a swivel allows a lamp or fixture’s light to change direction without necessitating the movement or dismantling of the whole lamp or fixture. Because of the convenience they offer, swivels are often found in light fixtures that illuminate large gallery spaces, garages, workrooms, and even recreational areas like patios, playing fields, and boat slips and docks.

It is precisely because swivels can be found in so many places that we offer a wide selection of swivel types, including hanging, side, ratchet, and swing swivels. Available in modern, cast, and regular brass, our swivels come in sizes that are as varied as they fixtures they are intended to augment. In addition, we also offer finial base swivels that are useful in creating lamps with adjustable shades.
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