Electrical Plugs

Electrical plugs allow an electrical current to flow between an appliance and the home or business it serves. Generally found at the end of extension or other cords, plugs come in universal configurations and can be used in any modern building. Because plugs are occasionally damaged due to accidents or rough use, the lighting parts are routinely replaced during the refurbishment of an electric lamp. Along with light sockets and lamp cord, electric plugs are also used to convert older gas and oil lamps for use as electrical lighting devices.

To fulfill the needs of those who are repairing or converting older lamps, we offer several plugs, including polarized and non-polarized, Safe-T, spring action, 3-way, grounded handle, and attachment plugs. Many of these plugs can be used with SPT1 and SPT2 wires, as well. In addition, we also offer our customers female screw plugs, including ones that can work as the medium base to GU10 or GU24 plugs.
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