Knobs are small controls that allow a light to be turned on or off. They are usually located to the side of a socket in an electric lamp. As they are small pieces that are intended to be handled regularly, knobs are usually knurled to allow for a better grip. Though generally used on lamps and lighting fixtures, these lamp supplies can also be incorporated into other electrical devices, especially those that are too small to easily accommodate switches or buttons.

Replacement Knobs for Lamps

We offer a variety of both stylish and practical knobs. Our phenolic knobs, which are available as plastic, silver, and brass pieces, are designed for lamps, however they can also be used with stop watches, alarm clocks, and other small electronics. The same is true of our beaded switch knobs which, though intended for gas burners, are also compatible with other types of equipment. To complete the list of any type of control knob that might be needed to repair either a gas, oil, or antique lamp, we also carry several raised, flat, and knurled brass caps.

In addition to our divergent line of knobs, we also stock ‘retro’ wooden, loop, and regular wooden pull down handles. Along with our brass, pyramid, and urn knobs, these handles are intended to complete the period aesthetics of any restored lamp or burner.
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