Lamps and light fixtures can be fitted with many functional and decorative items that are made of glass. Though some of these pieces are used within the body of a lamp, the primary purpose of any glass on a fixture is as a lamp shade to soften and diffuse light. This is necessary because light from a bulb is often too intense for the human eye. It also casts an artificial, unkind glare over everything in the immediate area. Light from a bulb that has passed through glass lamp shades, however, tend to soften and pick up the warm hues that are associated with natural sunlight. Such radiance is also more flattering to people and furniture than that which would otherwise be emitted by an un-covered electric light bulb. To help electric lights shine in such a comfortable and appealing manner, we offer a wide variety of glass lamp shades including glass globes, dishes, diffusers, and reflectors. We also offer a wide variety of glass lamp shade styles including brandy, colonial, pharmacy, cone, hurricane, student, panel, and torchiere.

Because much of the charm of a gas or oil lamp comes from the living, seemingly organic way its light flickers and dances, we also offer glass chimneys that are especially suited for traditional and antique lighting fixtures. Many of these chimneys and kerosene shades are also suited for electrical light as, with the addition of a dimmer, even an electrical light can be made to give off an antique, tactile glow. This is especially true with lamps that combine an electrical light that uses a dimmer and our Cobalt Blue Angle Lamp Kerosene Shade. In fact, we carry many glass shades and chimneys that can be matched with either restored antique gas and oil lamps or modern electrical lamps that have been styled to emulate such historical lighting pieces.


Glass Lamp Shades


It is also this expanding interest in restoring antique lamps that has led us to offer a line of specialty glass. Unique, beautiful, and crafted with the highest tolerances in mind, our line of specialty glass includes various types of crackled glass, optic glass, and crystal as well as porcelain for use as glass shades.

Replacement Glass Shades

We also offer our customers a tremendous range of replacement glass shades for all uses... whether they are interested in restoring a home’s interior, fixing an old fixture, or building an entirely unique lamp, you can shop from an extensive range of specialty lamp shades that are adorned with floral patterns, beaded swirls, or that are made from tinted glass. These lamp supplies come in shapes that range from that of tulips and bells to full spheres, petals, and opals.

Glass, especially when found on antique lighting pieces, is also routinely used within the body of a fixture or lamp. Any hobbyist who is considering constructing their own lamp, yet who is not necessarily interested in making one with a stand or body made from brass, can find satisfaction in our line of glass columns. Part of our line of specialty glass, these columns not only provide an alternative to metal columns, bases, and breaks but also, because of their transparency, help to enhance the overall amount of light a lamp can produce. Indeed, as they are transparent, such columns also allow for additional bulbs to be installed within their bodies. This option is of particular value on lamps that are intended for reading or intimate lighting. In addition to our 5” opal and 7-3/4” diamond opal columns, we also offer a 13-¼” Elegant Hand Painted Spring Bottom Vase that is well-suited for sewing, dining, and living rooms. If you've got questions about glass lamp shades, we've got answers. Contact MyLampParts.com today.

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