By the late 19th Century gas lamps had largely replaced those that burned either whale oil or animal fat. Other than cost and a more pleasing odor, one of the advantages gas lamps had over their oil-fueled cousins was that gas could be pumped into a home directly off of a city’s gas grid or mains. This meant that many homes from the Art Nouveau and late Victorian periods were retrofitted to carry gas directly into each room. In turn, each gas lamp that was produced came with a so-called gas attachment that enabled a gas line or cord to be directly screwed into a room’s gas outlet.


Electric Light Attachment for Gas Lamps

Today, a gas lamp is generally considered to be more collectible if every component associated with its gas line is intact, including its gas attachments. Unfortunately, though there are many period gas lamps in antique shops, most of them are missing equipment associated with their lines. To help our customers complete their restoration projects we offer lamp supplies for gas attachment with 1/8” M x 1/8” slip. Its generalized, subdued styling and configuration are a perfect match for any restored lamp.
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