Founts are stylized lamp parts that, like lamp bases, lamp breaks, and lamp columns, are intended to both cover a lamp’s central rod and build up its decorative body. They tend to be rounder and more symmetrical than other decorative facades, however, and so give the artisan or restorer greater options when repairing or designing a lamp. In particular, their bulging, often oval forms help to vary what might otherwise be entirely vertical stretches on a lamp stand. As such, founts are often placed at the bottom of columns or, in some cases, placed end on end going up a lamp’s central rod, creating a rippling or coiled visual effect.


Founts for Lamps

As customized, restored, and self-built lamps are only as unique as the variations that are allowed by the lamp parts that are available to build them, we have endeavored to provide our customers with as many fount styles as possible.

Among these are acorn or bell-shaped, two-piece founts, more spherical single-piece founts that are also often detailed with horizontal bands and pinched areas near their ends, and wider, saucer-shaped founts.

In addition, MyLampParts also carryies many oval, lozenge, and teardrop shaped founts that are ideal for either countering straighter columns or creating, by placing several such founts together, a chorded, coiled, or rope effect.

Many of our two-piece founts are also ribbed, giving them surfaces that help to break up the visual style of taller lamps, or designed with urn or Grecian aesthetics in mind. These founts are generally used to create custom lamps that mimic the look and feel of classical vases and amphora.

Our founts are also all cast from brass, making them particularly impervious to water damage and overall weathering, a plus for any lamp that is intended to stay within a family for generations.

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