Finials are stylized caps that fit over shades at the top of a lamp. They help secure the lampshade in place, provide a surface with which the lamp can be picked up from above, and complete the lamp or fixture’s aesthetics. As many lamps have stylized bodies and bases, lamp finials are often necessary to prevent a completed lamp restoration project from having a lopsided or artistically uneven look. MyLampParts.com carries a wide range of lamp finials and lamp making supplies to help you complete your project with ease!


Lamp Finial Styles

MyLampParts.com offers lamp finials in styles that match those of our many bases, breaks, and columns. Our lamp finials are available in cast, polished, and nickel-plated brass. Lamp finials come in sizes that range from 1/4” to 3”. Our finials are also designed to match a wide variety of décors, including modern and traditional styles.

Finials - Other Uses for a Finial

Finials are also used to complete the look of flagpoles, sign posts, and other fixtures that have pointed ends. To fulfill these diverse requirements, we offer cast brass finials with sculptural features like eagles, wreaths, fleur-de-lis, beaded knobs, rings, and other floral shapes. Our series of die cast finials are also an ideal fit for outdoor signposts, gates, and flagpoles.

For more information on lamp finials or any of our lighting supplies, please contact MyLampParts.com today.

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