Felt is a material that protects furniture from the lamp base.  We sell adhesive felt by the yard.  Small felt dots can be used in place of a large surface and they are sold by the dot.  Non-adhesive felt pads require glue to be set in place.  For installation of adhesive felt:  Trace the pattern of the base on the paper backing to the felt, cut it to size, peel the back and apply to the bottom of the base.


Felt Fabric

Felt is a type of protective surface that is soft on one side and adhesive on the other, allowing it to be applied to the bottom of a lamp that would otherwise scratch or mar any table it might be placed upon. Though we sell adhesive felt pads with 3/4” and 3/8” diameters that are perfect for lamps, coasters, and other decorative items that have small, round bases, we also sell adhesive felt by the yard. These sheets make padding the bottoms of irregularly shaped items easy. To apply, simply trace the bottom surface of whatever item is to be insulated on the paper sheet that covers the felt’s adhesive side. After cutting out the desired section, peel back the paper and apply the felt to the desired surface.

As the tastes and needs of our customers vary, we also offer 1/2” diameter cork padding that is often used in protecting the surfaces of furnishings found in bars, television rooms, and other less formal settings. Because cork is resistant to moisture, it is ideal for padding the base of any serving dish, plate, or other table setting that is intended to hold beverages or liquids.
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