Cross Bars or Brackets are used in ceilings to connect the fixture or the canopy to the ceiling's electrical junction box.  Standard size cross bars used to be 4" center to center, but in recent years modern canopies are using 2-3/4" spacing. Cross bars are one method of hanging fixures another is using lamp parts called hickeys (see Hickeys category).



Crossbars, also called brackets, are spans used to mount fixtures and canopies to electrical junction boxes. Though they are generally long, flat metallic pieces with holes that have been sized for wiring, screws, or bolts, crossbars can come in a variety shapes. A universal crossbar, for instance, is often disc-shaped and perforated with holes that are arranged to accommodate several types of electrical boxes. Offset bars and pinup brackets, which are also used to attach fixtures to electrical boxes, are a type of bent crossbar.

Though a standard crossbar measures 4” from center to center, many newer crossbars are designed to match canopies with 2-¾” spacing. We carry crossbars that can fit all standard electrical boxes, including pieces that range from 7” to 4” in length. We also offer a line of E-Z Adjustable crossbars that can slip over a 3/8” stud and several universal crossbars with diameters of 4”.

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