Chain is typically used to suspend a light fixture. This category includes decorative chain, industrial chain, bead chain and the assorted hardware that is necessary for hanging or swag fixtures. 


Lamp Accessories - Chains

Chains are interlaced links of metal that form strong, yet flexible, lines that can be used for hanging or connecting objects. When it comes to lighting parts, chains are usually used to either suspend fixtures like chandeliers or as chords that can be pulled to control things like fans, lamps, or blinds. As their integrity varies based on the size and strength of each link, chains are designed for specific applications that can range from demanding, industrial ones to those that are purely decorative. There are also many different types of chain links, including standard oval, ā€˜Sā€™, bead, and ring shapes.

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Chains that are used with lamps and light fixtures generally serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. They must be strong enough to suspend a heavy fixture such as a chandelier, yet also be cast with lines that match the elegance of that chandelier. Likewise, chains that are used as chords that control fans, lights, or other devices must be able to resist a tug without breaking yet not appear so heavy as to become garish.

We offer chains for all possible domestic uses, including jack, bowtie, oval, fixture, and beaded chains. Though we carry rolls of completed chains, we also sell individual oval, bead, S-hook, ring, and jack links as well as end bells and junction boxes. For the home decorator and hobbyist, we offer swag and ceiling hook kits as well as pull chain ornaments and insulators.

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