Light Canopies are lamp parts used to cover ceiling boxes. They can also be used as backplates for wall sconces. On occasion, by drilling side holes they can be used to hang glass with bead chain. Canopies come in 2 types:  Center Lockups uses a screw collar loop and Cross Bar Lockups that have holes spaced either 4'' center to center or 2-3/4" center to center. A light canopy can be made of stamped steel, stamped brass or brass casting or die cast white metal.


Light canopies are decorative parts that are used to cover unsightly ceiling boxes, though canopies can also be used as backplates for wall fixtures and sconces. Because the purpose of a light canopy is to improve the manner with which a light fixture or lamp blends in with its surroundings, canopies come in styles that range from the simple and austere to those that are elaborate and highly detailed.

Light Canopy Types

Canopies can also be categorized by how they are attached to a ceiling or other lamp parts, with Center Lockups utilizing screw collar loops and Cross Bar Lockups making use of 2-3/4'' center to center or 4" center to center holes. Beyond the various styles in which they can be crafted and the two main methods used to attach them to walls and fixtures, canopies can also be manufactured using die cast white metal, brass castings, and stamped brass or steel.

MyLampParts.com currently offers several types of light canopies that come in designs that match those of our other lighting products. Among these are bell, pan, and half-round shaped pieces as well as those that are colored or detailed to fit even the most elaborate fixtures or lamps.

Light Fixture Parts - Light Canopies

In addition, we are happy to supply our customers with all the parts needed to attach light canopies or assemble a light fixture. Our Blank-Up Assembly Kits come complete with everything needed to install a lamp canopy. We also offer fixture hanger assemblies, pendant stems, hanger kits, and several snap in sockets.

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