A burner is a lamp part used in oil lamps to produce a flame or light. Burners can also be electric. No. 1 burner size is 7/8'' in diameter. No. 2 burner size is 1-1/4'' in diameter. No. 3 burner size are 1-5/8'' in diameter. Oil burners require wicks to produce the flame and an electric burner is cut out in order that the electric lamp socket replaces the wick. Chimneys are used to protect against burns by flame and for decoration in electric lamp burners.


Burners for Lamps

Burners are the ring-shaped devices that generate light in lamps that run on oil. The oil, which makes contact with air after passing through small openings in the burner, ignites when lit with a wick or, as in the case with electrified burners, an electric current. The oil then burns at a slow, controlled pace atop the burner, as the metal rim of the burner itself serves as a barrier between the lamp’s oil supply and the surrounding atmosphere. Because lamp burners produce a flame as well as light and heat, they require that a chimney be placed over the lamp so as to prevent injury or the accidental spread of fire to surrounding objects like decorations, curtains, or parchments.

Replacement Lamp Parts - Burners

Though burners that consume oil as fuel are occasionally used for outdoor and recreational purposes, they are commonly installed in antique oil lamps that have undergone restoration.

Keeping the needs of sportsmen, decorators, and artisans in mind, our line of burners, which includes the Number 1 Brass Plated Steel and Number 2 Brass Plated Steel Eagle Burners, combine both safety and beauty. Their fine finishes are perfect for both rebuilt antiques that are primarily intended for display and lamps that see daily use in areas that have limited electrical supplies.

We also offer an all brass Number 2 Cutout Burner as well as cutout burners that can take 2-1/2”, 2-5/8”, or 3” chimneys. For those who would rather do without the need for replacement wicks, our series of electric burners and adaptors fits any style of home décor.

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