Brass feet are lamp parts that are used to raise the base of the lamp allowing the wire to pass underneath. They can be knurled or smooth brass feet. A brass foot lamp part can be attached by a screw or can be glued to a base.


Brass Foot Uses for Lamps

A Brass Foot is a small leg that can be attached to the bottom of a lamp to raise it. This can be for either aesthetic reasons or to allow a power chord to pass underneath its base. Multiple brass feet can be attached, either with screws or by gluing, to larger lamps to increase their stability. Brass feet can even be used to elevate other household or desktop items, such as jewelry or display cases, as they easily blend in with any brass furniture or decoration. An individual brass foot can also be used to level an antique piece that has lost one of its original legs. As such, brass feet are convenient for those who are either restoring or modernizing antique pieces or who simply want to improve the functionality of a brass décor piece by elevating it to a more convenient height.

Lamp Parts - Brass Foot

We currently offer a brass foot that comes with a pre-drilled 1/4” hole, making it useful for anyone who wishes to screw a replacement foot on to a damaged lamp or desktop display case. As brass is resistant to corrosion, brass feet are ideal for any furniture, lamps, or cases that are intended for use in patios or gazebos. Available with either knurled or smooth styling, our brass feet also blend in with the styling of almost any antique piece.

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