Lamp bases are the bottom support of a lamp and is what a floor or table lamp stands on. MyLampParts.com carries aluminum bases, fenced bases, spinning bases, brass bases, cast brass bases, filigree bases, handmade brass bases, steel bases, steel spinning base, wood base, figurine bases, white metal bases and lamp base parts.


Lamp Base Parts

The primary function of a lamp’s base is to provide it with stability, however the lamp base can also add to the overall appearance and charm of either a customized or restored lamp.

Because any lamp will only be appealing if all of its components fit together in both a physically and stylistically seamless manner, we offer quality lamp base parts that compliment each of our various stands, arms, and other lamp parts. Given that the lamp base is also often one of the most visible parts of a lamp, we offer hobbyists and homebuilders stands with designs that reflect a wide spectrum of tastes, from those that are elaborate and ornate to ones that reflect austerity and minimalism.

As customized, homebuilt, or restored lamps are also often assembled from various sources, we have endeavored to provide our customers with lamp base parts that are made from a variety of materials, including brass, steel, aluminum, acrylics, and wood.

MyLampParts.com stocks bases in various styles, including fenced, spinning, filigree, handmade brass, steel spinning, and figurine bases, we also stock white metal and cast brass bases that are decorated with elaborate, often floral or abstract, designs. These bases can be purchased with either flat bottoms or in three or four-legged configurations that can be easily mated with our other custom lamp parts to create balanced, beautiful custom and restored lamps.

If you're looking for a lamp base, you've come to the right place.

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