Backplates are lamp part plates that protect the wires or configurations of lamps. Backplate lamp parts include brass backplate, cast brass back plate, embossed brass back plate, or rectangular brass back plate lamp parts.


Back plates are surfaces that protect the wiring at the base of a lamp or fixture from exposure to elements such as water or dirt. Beyond this pragmatic function, they also serve to enhance the overall look of a lighting fixture by creating a stylish transition between the lamp itself and the wall or furnishing it is connected to. When carefully and tastefully selected, a quality back plate can enhance the aesthetics of any living area or home. In particular, a back plate that has been crafted in accordance with the architectural style or décor of a home can add to its ‘finished’ feel.

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Given that our customers are often involved in remodeling or repairing homes that were built along a wide spectrum of design styles, MyLampParts offer several types of back plates. Currently, the four basic types offered are Brass Back Plates, Brass Embossed Back Plates, Cast Brass Back Plates, and Rectangular Back Plates. Basic Brass Back Plates come either unfinished or polished and lacquered and with or without center holes. Brass Embossed Back Plates are styled with an embossed design and can also be purchased with either unfinished or polished and lacquered surfaces. Cast Brass Back Plates, however, come in a variety of artistic designs, including those that reflect Victorian, Neo-Classical, and Art Nouveau tastes. They are also offered with either unfinished or polished and lacquered surfaces. Finally, we offer both brass and steel Rectangular Back Plates.

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