Rubber adapters secure lighting and other fixtures to a wide variety of bases, vases, candlesticks, and even bottles that are being repurposed as lamp bases. They are also used to secure electrical lighting kits, including sockets, to antique gas and oil lamps that are being modernized for everyday use. In general, a light socket or other lighting parts are threaded through the center of the adapter which, in turn, is plugged or screwed into the opening at the top of whatever vessel is intended for use as a lamp’s base. Because these adapters are made from rubber, their inherent elasticity allows them to fit securely within even irregularly sized openings. Likewise, their corrugated sides enhance such fits by increasing the traction that exists between a lamp’s lighting assembly and its base.

Though rubber adapters are intended to help anchor light sockets and other fixtures to lamp bases, they can also be utilized to secure a variety of other pieces to openings and holes for which they were not originally sized, making them particularly useful during jobs that involve fitting pipes, rods, and tubes into openings with varying diameters.
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