Outlet adapters allow light bulbs to be directly connected to electrical outlets, thereby turning such outlets into electrical sockets and lamps themselves, or to other sockets to increase the total number of bulbs on any light fixture. Because they allow light to be emitted from a room’s various power sources, outlet adapters save space that would otherwise be taken up by chords, sockets, lamp fixtures, and other lighting parts. Indeed, outlet adapters are primarily used to provide simple, direct light in cramped and utilitarian spaces, such as are found in garages, hallways, and within cabinets or work areas.

Because the lighting needs of any area vary based on its size and shape, we offer outlet adapters that can host two light bulbs that are set in a ‘Y’ configuration, thereby providing lighting throughout a 45 degree arc, and basic single-bulb adapters that can generate direct lighting in one direction.

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