Make-A-Lamp kits are easy to install, pre-assembled lighting systems that come complete with electric light socket, power cord and plug, knobs, and cork adapters that can be used to fit the entire assembly into an antique vase, gas or oil lamp, candlestick, bottle, or any other vessel that might make for an original or stunning lamp base. Because they come as all-in-one packages, these kits require zero assembly or electrical work on behalf of the lamp builder. They simply need to be inserted into whatever base an individual builder has chosen, allowing for an ease of use and technical simplicity that grants each lamp builder greater freedom in selecting the more aesthetic parts of whatever lighting piece they are crafting.

Because we offer three models of Make-A-Lamp kits that are each fitted with reducible cork adapters, there is an adapter combination for almost any type of desktop lamp base, vase, bottle, or other decorative piece. In addition, because each adapter comes with a standard two-pronged electrical plug, the lamps they complete can be used to illuminate any American household or business.

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