The beauty and charm of an antique candlestick often cannot be denied. Likewise, even something as seemingly commonplace and purposely disposable as a wine bottle can, under a certain light and according to the taste of a discerning eye, be found to have its own sublime artistry. Because of the inherent aesthetic qualities of both, many home decorators and hobbyist enjoy converting candlesticks and wine bottles into modern electrical lamps.

To make this enjoyable hobby easy for both experienced and new home decorators, we offer a line of candlestick and bottle adapters that make converting any such piece into a modern, electric lamp something that can be done with little more than the effort needed to screw in a plug. Though we offer adapters that are little more than plugs upon which more elaborate lamp sockets and other fixtures can be attached, we’ve also taken the extra step of developing a line of adapters that come complete with plug, socket, and electrical wiring. When combined with our line of bulb adapters, shades, and other lighting parts, such adapters make transforming an archaic candlestick or demurring wine bottle into a modern, usable appliance a project that can be completed in mere minutes.

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